I want Cash For Clunkers to buy my car but how soon can you come? 
A licensed and professional buyer is despatched to your location immediately once you contact us! Your vehicle can be sold in a few hours. Call our representatives at 800 789 0320 or chat live.

How much can I get for my vehicle? 
We'll need to determine the value of your specific car. Call or chat and we can you an instant price quote.

What if my car needs a smog check?
Don't worry about getting that done before selling your vehicle to us. We will buy your car without one.

What if my car has been in an accident, will you still buy it from me?
We will. Just call or chat live with a representative. Cash for Clunkers buys all cars.

My car doesn't run.
We'll buy those too! We will buy your vehicle even if wrecked or not running.

I lost the title to my car, can I still sell my car to Cash For Clunkers?
Yes, we can still buy your car even if you've lost your title. Once you set an appointment, our trained professional who is assigned to you will help you handle all paperwork needed to purchase your car.

What if my car is an exception to what cars you will buy?
It isn't. We do buy all cars.

Where happens to my car once I sell it to Cash for Clunkers?
Any vehicles we purchase that are newer models are resold through our dealer network. Vehicles with mechanical damage, that are wrecked or are older models might have to be broken down.

I haven't fully paid off my vehicle? How can I sell you my car?
It won't be a problem, we will still buy your vehicle. However, what you still owe on your vehicle must be less than the value of your car.

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